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Samanao (Manoza in the iOS/Android versions) is a castletown in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. It is surrounded by impassable mountains and can only be reached via a travel gate or Lamia.

Imposter King

Samanao has been taken over by a Boss Troll who is impersonating the king using the Staff of Change. The real king has been imprisoned deep within the castle. The heroes must retrieve the Lar Mirror from the Cave Southwest of Samanao of Samanao and use it on the imposter king while he sleeps in order to reveal his true identity.

Funeral Event

Samanao is the only only town other than the Immigrant Town to have different townspeople placement at a certain time during the events of the game. Upon the first visit to Samanao, the heroes witness the ongoing funeral of a man who was put to death by the king. This occurs only on the first visit and afterward all townspeople are located in their normal locations.

Castle Entrance

While under the control of the imposter king, entrance to the castle through the main entrance is restricted. Instead, the heroes can use a side entrance designed for deliveries which is accessible via the Magic Key.

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