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Dragon Quest V
Sprite(s) Sancho
Japanese name サンチョ
Rōmaji Sancho
Gender Male
Title(s) Unknown
Class Unknown
Race(s) Human
Age Unknown

Sancho is a permanent ally in V. He joins the party at the start of Chapter 3.





Main Games


Sancho is a longtime friend of Pankraz. He is first encountered in Whealbrook, where he is taking care of Pankraz's home. Later in generation 2, the Hero and Prince Harry discover that Whealbrook was razed and Sancho has since left. He is not seen again until the hero and his wife arrive at Gotha, where he introduces them to Prince Albert. Shortly after the hero is crowned and his wife gives birth to twins, the two end up missing after she is abducted.

In the eight years that followed, Sancho and the twin children, Parry and Madchen, scoured the globe in search of the missing King and Queen. They eventually located the petrified form of the hero, and were able to restore him. As the hero and his children soon set out to find their mother, Sancho offered to accompany them in their journeys.


Sancho has high HP, but his equipped armor is terrible when you meet him for the first time. If you give him good armor and weapons, he can become a very efficent shield, due to his high HP. However, it is recommended that you should use him in emergencies.

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