Sands of time
DQVDS - Sands of time
Japanese name ときのすな
Rōmaji Tokino su na
Introduced in IV

The Sands of Time (originally localized the in English release of Dragon Quest IV & Dragon Quest VII as Sandglass of Regression and Time Sand respectively) is an special item in the Dragon Quest series. Depicted as a heart-shaped hourglass filled with sand, it resets the battle to the beginning and allows the player to start over the encounter.


Dragon Quest IV

The Sands of Time can be found in the Cascade Cave, after the Karstaway stone is used to drain the grotto.

Dragon Quest V

The Sands of Time is a reward for completing the Nadiria T'n'T board.

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest VII

The chronic clumps of sand were used by The Time Being in conjunction with Pomposo's clocktower to freeze the region of El Ciclo in a never-ending loop. The sands are the player's reward for freeing the town.

Dragon Quest XI (3DS)

The Sands of time is used by the Side winder in the Rainbow Mines dungeon from VII.