Schleiman Tank
DQMJ2 - Schleiman the Magnificent
Japanese name 勇車スラリンガル
Rōmaji Isamukuruma Suraringaru
Family Slime
Introduced in Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

The Schleiman Tank is the tank used by Rocket in Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. The Schwarzman tank is very similar to it.

It appears when the Warrior Flute is played.


the Schleiman Tank has a multitude of upgrades for it's HP. a list of all the upgrades and information on each can be found below.

Upgrade Name HP Boost Cost Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
HP↑ Taster 30 50 G None None
A Little HP↑ 30 100 G Pompom x3 Treasure Chest x4
A Lot of HP↑ 30 150 G Girder x1 None
A Good Revamp 30 200 G Pompom x2 Catnip x3
Straightforward HP↑ 30 100 G Rockbomb x10 Wood Arrow x1
Muscly HP↑ 40 400 G None None
Zingy HP↑ 40 200 G None None
Mysterious HP↑ 40 200 G Slime Knight x1 Thousandweight x2
Serious HP↑ 40 200 G Shuriken x2 Steel Broadsword x1
Lucky HP↑ 50 100 G Miracle Sword x1 None
100St Rank HP↑ 50 50 G Iron Ball x4 None
Smart HP↑ 60 60 G Thousandweight x3 None
Polish the Schleiman 50 50 G Catnip x2 None
Raging HP↑ 60 60 G None None
Spiritual HP↑ 80 80 G Holy Water x3 None
The Schleiman Fort 80 80 G Treasure Chest x20 Lightning Staff x1
Holy HP↑ 80 80 G Holy Crystal x1 Goddess Statue x1
Evolution Jump 80 80 G Orichalcum x1 None
Slimenian Miracle 250 250G Toy Slime x7 Metal King Sword x2
Last HP↑ 250 250G Orchalslime x1 Kafrizzle x5



"Hero of Slimenia" or "The hero rides again"


It is the only tank to have two "slogans".

Other languages

Other languages
French Gluanzer
German Unknown
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