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Monster Info
Scissor beatle
DQIVDS - Scissor beatle
Japanese name はさみくわがた
Rōmaji Scissors stag
Family Bug
Introduced in Dragon Quest IV

The Scissor Beatle (originally Stag Beetle; Stagbug / Stag Bug in the GBC translations) is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series. Introduced in Dragon Quest IV, it is a cartoon-like stag beetle monster.


Scissor Beatles are somewhat small monsters with a pair of shearing mandibles, their namesake. Their head and body, alongside the mandibles, make up most of their form. The arms and legs of Scissor Beatles are diminutive by comparison and they appear to be wearing boots on their feet.

While among the ranks of Slimes in their initial appearance, Scissor Beatles have since proven to have strengths that shine better when positioned as a more advanced monster, though they tend to pick up some of the skills of their Bedbug and Fire Beatle kin.


Dragon Quest IV

Stag Beetle
Scissorbeatle DQIV NES
Game Appearance [[Dragon Quest IV]]
Console NES
Experience 1
Gold 4

The first appearance of Scissor Beatles (Stag Beetles in the original release).

#004 - Scissor Beatle
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IV
Console PS / DS
HP 8
Experience 1
Gold 4
Dropped Item Medicinal herb
Haunts Burland outskirts
Strathbaile Burrow
Strathbaile outskirts (chapter 1)
Lakanaba outskirts
Cave North of Lakanaba
Casabranca outskirts

Dragon Quest Monsters

Dragon Quest Monsters 2

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

#111 - Scissor Beatle
Game Appearance [[Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker]]
Console DS
Family Nature
Description They battle day and night, seeking to ascend to the throne of bug-kind.
Haunts Fert Isle (daytime)

Scissor Beatles appear as rank C members of the Nature family and can be found in the upper areas of Fert Isle during the daytime.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2


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