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Dragon Quest 8 - Seed of Strength

Seed of Strength illustration (DQ8).

Seed of strength is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series that permanently raises the maximum strength to whoever eats it. The amount varies from game to game. This seed can be found in treasure chests, pots, drawers and bags. It can also be stolen from or dropped by certain enemies. They cannot be bought.


Dragon Quest

Seeds of strength are only found in the SNES and Gameboy Color remakes of Dragon Quest, but due to text restrictions in the Gameboy Color remake of Dragon Quest, Seed of Strength was renamed to STRseed.

Dragon Quest IV

This version of the seed will increase a character's maximum strength by 1-3 points randomly.

Dragon Quest VII

In the 3DS Dragon Quest VII remake, this seed increases the user's strength by 1-3 points depending on the RNG.

Dragon Quest VIII

In Dragon Quest VIII, this seed increases the strength by 1-2 points to the user depending on the RNG.

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