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Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below
DQH - Shadroth
Japanese name 闇竜シャムダ
Rōmaji Yami ryū shamuda
Gender Male
Title(s) Lord of the Night
Age Unknown

Shadroth is a character and the main antagonist in The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below.


Shadroth looks like a big dragon that stands on two legs, has purple skin, very light purple (or in this case blue) in skin on his chest and to the tip of his tail. Has golden horns on his head, chest, legs and back. He also has red glowing tattoos on his body. He has blood red eyes, black and red wings on him, and has big feet.


Shadroth is very aggressive and doesn't care about any consequences no matter what he does. He is called the 'Lord Of The Night' because nothing can destroy him and brings eternal night over a thousand years ago. His power can also be used to make monsters attacked their friends against their wishes.



Side Games

The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

Shadroth was only mentioned after Luceus, Aurora, and the party after rescuing Beryl's betrothed, and the foremen from a Stone guardian. It was revealed he was the one who was responsible for the monsters attacking everybody during a festival in Arba. He was also sealed away in eternal slumber after the light clench his rule.

During some time, the party discovered that Velasco was the one who awakened him. When the party first comes face to face to him they can't land even a slightest scratch on him because he is protected from the darkness fog on him.

After he soon reaches the castle, Kiryl and Nera Briscoletti casted Kabuff, and Oophm on Yangus, Terry, and Alena but they to didn't land a scratch. Luceus and Aurora tried to destroy him but it didn't do a thing. Shadroth attacked them but they were protected with the light shield. Shadroth realizing that goes with a even stronger attack but Healix the Healsmile jumped in front which awakens the Circle Of Light's power. It destroyed Shadroth's shield making him venerable to physical attacks. When he gets a little weakened he takes to the air getting the party to not land another blow. But the ferryman or Stormcloud said their ready and Isla commanded to fire forcing Shadroth to go back to the ground. Then he was finally destroyed when the Circle Of Light gave half of his power to Luceus and Aurora each to finish him off once and for all.

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