DQVIII - She-slime
Japanese name スライムベス
Rōmaji Suraimubesu
Family Slime
Introduced in Dragon Quest

She-slime (formerly Red Slime and RedSlime) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series. Introduced in the very first game, they are basically reddish, ever-so-slightly-stronger slimes.


Despite the name, the scarlet slimes' genders are as ambiguous as those of regular slimes. The change from red slime may be on account that their modern depictions; with more shades available to them than what the graphical limitations of the NES allowed, the globs are more of an orange shade than red. According to some games, the she-slimes are a different color than ordinary slimes due to an uncommon genetic mutation; this relative rarity has led them to be referred to as "don't-often-see-slimes".


Dragon Quest

Red Slime
Game Appearance Dragon Quest
Console NES, GBC
HP 4
Attack 7
Defense 3
Agility 4
Experience 1 (NES)
2 (GBC)
Gold 3 (NES)
4 (GBC)
Description Not just the debut of the slime, but the she-slime as well.
Haunts They are encountered in the same spots as slimes and are just a touch stronger than they are.


#105 - Red Slime
Game Appearance III
Console NES, SNES, GBC
HP 6
Attack 18
Defense 6
Agility 7
Experience 11
Gold 3
Dropped Item Herb
Haunts Alefgard


#018 - Red Slime (She-slime)
Game Appearance IV
Console NES, PSX, DS
HP 10
Attack 9
Defense 5
Agility 3
Experience 2
Gold 5
Dropped Item Medicinal herb
Haunts Zalenagrad outskirts (Chapter 2)
Taborov outskirts (Chapter 2)
Laissez Fayre outskirts (Chapter 4)
Aumont du Monde outskirts (Chapter 4)
Palais de Léon outskirts (Chapter 4)


#21 - Red Slime
Game Appearance VI
Console SNES, DS
HP 16
Attack 24
Defense 20
Agility 8
Experience 9
Gold 6
Dropped Item Fairy Water


#21 - RedSlime
Game Appearance VII
Console PSX
HP 24
MP 8
Attack 33
Defense 25
Agility 21
Experience 10
Gold 4
Dropped Item Herb
Family Slime
Haunts Falrod


#008 - She-slime
Game Appearance VIII
Console PS2
HP 18
MP 0
Attack 16
Defense 15
Agility 25
Experience 8
Gold 6
Dropped Item Medicinal Herb (Common)
Slime Earrings (Rare)
Family Slime
Description Slimes of a different color, apparently due to a sudden mutation. Although commonly referred to as 'she-slimes', their true gender remains unknown.
Haunts Maella Region


#14 - She-slime
Game Appearance IX
Console DS
HP 19
MP 4
Attack 23
Defense 18
Agility 25
Experience 20
Gold 22
Dropped Item Medicinal Herb (Common, 1/8)
Slimedrop (Rare, 1/8)
Family Slime
Description Game description: These slimes are the result of a rare genetic mutation, and are also known as "don't-often-see-slimes."

Guide description: They're bitter rivals of standard slimes, who they match for shape, size and colour, but can't beat as far as fan base goes.

Haunts Western Stornway, Eastern Stornway, Zere area (southern, daytime), Angel Falls area (high ground)




Game Appearance Joker
Console DS
HP  ???
MP  ???
Attack  ???
Defense  ???
Agility  ???
Experience  ???
Gold  ???
Dropped Item  ???
Skills  ???
Spells  ???
Family  ???
Description Slimologists have recently discovered that carnivorous slimes turn a reddish shade.
Haunts Uncharted islands

Joker 2

Joker 2 Professional

Terry's Wonderland 3D

Super Light

Rocket Slime

Gootrude, Bo, Itsy, and Morrie-Morrie all appear to be she-slimes. Of the four, Gootrude is the one who most resembles a she-slime as Bo, Rocket's sister, is a bit smaller and wears a white bow, Itsy is very small, and Morrie-Morrie sports facial hair and a white headband.

Mario Sport Mix

She-Slime can be Unlocked by 20 missions as Slime, or She-Slime mission at Star Cup.

Monster Battle Road Victory

Dragon Quest Builders

Console PS4,
Dropped Item Orange Oil

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

Caliburgh Meadow
Recruit, Captain

Monster Meadows Quotes

-"My gooness! It's you! How's it gooing?"

-"So, any nooze?"

-"Oh! Look ooze here!"

Other languages

Other languages
French Gluante
German Unknown
Spanish Lima
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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