The Shrine of Mysteries (formerly Ancient Fane) is a temple in Dragon Quest VII. It is located on the island of Estard and it holds the key to the truth as to why it is the only island in the world.


The prologue takes place after the the Hero and his best friend, Prince Kiefer, have spent all day exploring the shrine, trying to unlock its mysteries. According to Kiefer, it is forbidden for anyone to go exploring in the ruins, which just makes him want to figure out the truth behind them.



With the correct Fragments on their corresponding pedestal, a person or more are capable of traveling to certain locations, mostly in the past.

The following areas include:






  • Cave to Another World
  • Cave to Yet Another World


As certain Regions are saved in the past, a Teleportal relating to that Region will activate and allow for shortcuts to an area of a region. The following are:

  • Blue Teleportal - Rainbow Cove of Estard
  • Red Teleportal - Burnmont of Emberdale
  • Yellow Teleportal - The Oasis of Al-Balad
  • Green Teleportal - Sanctum of the Cirrus of Aeolus Vale

Locations related to the Shrine of Mysteries

  • Grave of Earth and Fire - Opened after speaking to the guide in the Shrine of Mysteries. East of Estard Castle and has the Saint's helm and Saint's armour. Made for the Nintendo 3DS Version.
  • Grave of Wind and Water - On the path following the Grave of Earth and Fire. Has the Saint's shield and Saint's sword. Made for the Nintendo 3DS Version.
  • Rainbow Cove - Accessed through the Blue Teleportal, Rainbow Cove is near the ocean area where a particular spirit resides. Aside from that the cave is filled with nothing but sandy grounds and water.
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