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Dq7 silver shield

Silver Shield

The Silver Shield is a shield in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Silver Shield 14800 G Defense +20

It can only be found by unlocking a door in the East side of Cantlin/Mercado, and speaking to one of the merchants. The Silver Shield is the most expensive item in the game. Due to text restrictions in the Gameboy Color remake of Dragon Quest, Silver Shield was renamed Silver with a picture of a shield next to it.

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

the Silver Shield can be obtained from Pickham's Casino

Dragon Quest IX

 Silver Shield
Defence +32
Block chance +6%
Buy Price 30,500 G
Sell Price 15,250 G
Flavor text A shiny shield that shuns MP absorption, fire and thunder.
Notes Sold in Stornway (post-game).

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