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Japanese ギラ
Rōmaji Gira
Type Fire
MP 2*
Introduced in Dragon Quest

Sizz (formerly Hurt and Firebal) is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series.


Sizz is often depicted as a line of fire that affects a group of enemies. The flames intensify and movements grow more elaborate as the spell line advances. With few exceptions, Sizz deals between 16~24 damage for 4 MP.


Dragon Quest

Originally translated as Hurt and the only damaging spell in the game. The one-on-one style battles meant that it could only hit one enemy since there were never any groups to fight.

Name Learned MP Cost Effect
NES GBC 日本語 (JP)
Hurt Firebal ギラ (Gira) Lv.4 2 Damages the enemy for 5~12 HP
Hurtmore Firebane ベギラマ (Begirama) Lv.19 5 Damages the enemy for 58~65 HP

In later versions of the game, the spell will deal 16~20 damage instead.

Dragon Quest II

The Prince of Cannock learns this spell at level 3, and it allows hit to damage a single enemy for 15~25 in the original. The spells deals 16~20 damage in the SFC and GBC remakes, and will cost 2 MP in these versions.

In the smart phone version, the spell has been changed (again) to adhere to the latter series convention, now hitting one group of enemies for 10~17 damage for 3 mp.

Dragon Quest III

Learned by Mages and Sages at level 7. This entry is when the spell found its identity as a group-targeting hex, and has dealt 16~24 damage for 4 MP ever since.

Dragon Quest IV

Sizz is learned by Maya at level 7 and the the hero at level 11. Laurel knows the spell upon joining Torneko.


Name Level
Liquid metal slime--

Dragon Quest VI

Sizz is learned by Ashlynn at level 6, and is already known by Mercury upon joining. Other characters can learn it by advancing to rank 2 of the Mage vocation. The spells costs users 4 MP, and hits between 16~24 damage.

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

Sizz is learned by both the hero and Jessica at level 11. It deals an average of 16~24 damage and will increase in power once the character's wisdom surpasses 40, capping at 29~35.

Dragon Quest IX

Sizz and its advanced incarnations do not appear in Dragon Quest IX, though their effects can be replicated by use of weapons such as the Cautrey Sword.

Other languages

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