Skeleton squire
DQMSL - Grim rider
Japanese name ボーンライダー
Rōmaji Boonraidaa
Family Zombie
Introduced in VII

Skeleton squire (formally BoneRider) is a monster who appears in VII.



#160 - Bonerider
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PS
HP 280
MP 30
Attack 129
Defense 79
Agility 77
Experience 155
Gold 93
Dropped Item Iron Spear
Skills Ice Air
Call for Help (Healer)
Spells Snowstorm
Family Undead
Haunts Engow

BoneRider (Boss)
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 515
Experience 100
Gold 270
Skills Two Turns
Spells Defense
Family Undead
Haunts Dune

Monster Meadows Quotes

-"For one who aspires to look as dashing as I, a jaunty feather in one's hat is indispensable."

-"Ah, this is the most marvellous weather! I would be worried about sunburn if I had any skin to burn!"

-"If you should feel like a ride around the paddock, feel free to climb astride my steed."

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