Dragon Quest VII
DQX - Mandrake mercenary
Japanese name りゅうき兵
Race(s) Dragon

Skraw (Formerly DragonMan) is a boss in Dragon Quest VII. He is fought twice, both times in Providence.


Skraw looks identical to Mandrake Mercenaries, sharing their yellow scales and armor.



Main Games


Skraw and his army of monsters invade Providence. They all were disguised as humans from the Rucker army. Skraw declared that if he could not have the Goddess statue that he would start a war. This was only a ruse, as the Goddess statue was preventing the monsters from using their full power. Caleb, not wanting the two towns to go to war over a statue, broke the Goddess statue into two pieces. This allowed Skraw to use his full power and he and his army of monsters attacked Providence, removing humans' souls from their bodies.

Caleb and the party was eventually able to repair the Goddess statue and Skraw was defeated.

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