Dragon Quest VII
DQMTW3D - Slaughtomaton
Japanese name デスマシーン
Rōmaji Desumashīn

Slaughtomaton (デスマシーン, DeathMachine, formerly EvilMech in the PSX version) is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series, first appearing as a boss in Dragon Quest VII at the depths of the Automaton Stronghold.


Slaughtomaton is a green mechanical monster that appears like an armored knight with an oni face in the center of its chest. The machine has a helmet with purple horns on top of its head and dual wields a pair of swords with purple handles and hilts. Its feet and the top half of its demonic face are sea green and it has eye-like structures on its helmet, shoulders, and knees. The mouth opens back and forth to reveal its sharp fangs and a purple tongue. The Slaughtomaton is a force to be reckoned with, as it is capable of blinding its enemies and using a variety of deadly attacks, such as breathing fire.




Main Games

Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
HP 380
Experience 300
Gold 200
Skills Sometimes acts twice per turn
Double-Edged Slash
Fire Breath

The Slaughtomaton is the trump card that Tinpot Dictator uses against the party. Just by summoning it, the Slaughtomaton kills the Tinpot Dictator. It then sets its sights on the party. However, it is defeated as well, shutting down and disappearing for good.



  • The Slaughtomaton is one of the only monsters in the game that cannot drop its Monster Heart, as the monster is only encountered once in the game.


Its name is a combination of the words "slaughter" and "automaton"

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