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Slime Force (Japanese: スラフォース Sura Fōsu), also known as Slimer in the English localization of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, and is the main skill set for Slime, and Bubble Slime.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D

Skill Name Skill Type SP Cost Effect
Frizz/Mera Offensive Magic 2 Singes a single enemy with a small fireball.
Heal Healing Magic 5 Restores around 30 HP to a single ally.
Zap/Dein Offensive Magic 10 Strikes a single enemy with holy lightning.
Body Slam Physical Attack 20 Deals heavy damage to the target and user.
Dazzleflash Enemy Debuff 30 Emits a glaring light that reduces all enemies' accuracy.
Sag Enemy Debuff 40 Decreases the attack of a single enemy for 2-5 turns.
Midheal Healing Magic 55 Restores around 75 HP to a single ally.
Share Magic Healing Magic 75 Gives half the caster's MP to a another ally.
Steady Recovery Passive Ability 100 Restores a small amount of HP every turn in battle.

DQMT3DS Slimer pg1 Skill BookDQMT3DS Slimer pg1 Skill Book

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