Slon the Rook
Dragon Quest V
DQVDS - Slon
Japanese name ゴンズ
Rōmaji Gonzu
Gender Male
Race(s) Warhog/Thwarthog
Age Unknown

Slon the Rook (formerly Gonz and Gonze) is a character in V.


Slon appears as a large purple warthog/bull dog, with labels of the generic enemies that make up his species varying. He wears heavy armor and always carries around a weapon of some sort and a shield. His weapon varies from a longsword, an axe, to a weapon that's not quite either in the PS2 version. His shield sometimes has spikes on it. He has a giant mouth that he makes heavy use of in his attacks.


Slon is a brutal antagonist who has no problems with murder and loyally serves Ladja. In the English DS version of V, he speaks with a southern accent and snorts in the middle of his dialogue.



Main Games


Slon is summoned alongside Kon the Knight by Ladja in order to kill Pankraz, the main character's father. While he and Kon cannot defeat him alone, Ladja threatens to kill Pankraz's child and forces him to take a heavy beating from Slon and Kon.

While his introduction makes him appear to be a villain duo with Kon, Kon gets promoted to be the head of a castle in 7 years’ time while Slon is given generic guard duty on a chest. Kon has magic, while Slon has nothing but his generic melee attacks. In the least, Slon technically outlives Kon, but his “boss fight” is far from anything to brag about. He largely reappears to generically die so there are no loose ends in the plot.


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