DQIX - Slugger
Japanese name テンツク
Rōmaji Tentsuku
Family Bug
Introduced in VI

A Slugger (formerly Tensk and Tentsuk) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.


Dragon Quest VI

#8 - Slugger
Bug Family
[[File:|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
10 0 17 14 6
Exp Gold Drop Pretty betsy
7 9 G
Note: None
Sultry Dance
Haunts at:
Haggleton area
Medford's Manor area
Somnia area (Upper World)
Outside Gardsbane Tower
Secret River Passage
Amor area (Upper World)

Dragon Quest IX

#035 - Slugger
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
HP 48
MP 4
Attack 42
Defense 34
Agility 68
Experience 64
Gold 47
Dropped Item Medicinal herb (common, 1/16)
Garish garb (rare, 1/128)
Family Bug
Description They know a dazzling array of dastardly dances, but run out of steam rather quickly.
They're moving every moment, beating bare feet against the ground in time with the unremitting rhythm of the earth.
Locations Eastern Coffinwell
Western Coffinwell

Other languages

Other languages
French Limasson
German Miesmade
Spanish Calandraca
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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