DQIX - Sluggernaut
Japanese name スーパーテンツク
Rōmaji Sūpātentsuku
Family Bug
Introduced in VI

Sluggernaut (formerly Super Tensk, SuperTen and SuperTen) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.




#035 - Sluggernaut
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
HP 118
MP 16
Attack 96
Defense 123
Agility 124
Experience 720
Gold 120
Dropped Item Cloak of evasion (common, 1/32)
Starlet sandals (rare, 1/128)
Skills Egg On
Sultry Dance
Family Bug
Description They can turn up the tension with a bit of Egg On, and do their best to dance up a defensive storm for their allies.

They do their apprenticeships in the dances of the world by donning wigs and joining the Mirage Mahal's dancing troupe.

Locations Eastern Wormwood
Western Wormwood
Eastern Stornway (island)
Western Coffinwell (outside Tower of Nod)


Monsters 2

Terry's Wonderland 3D

It's comes in a group of seven and it's a three-monster-slot monster.

The Last Hope

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