Sphere of Silence
DQIVDS - Sphere of Silence
Japanese name せいじゃくのたま
Rōmaji Seija ku no tama
Introduced in IV

The Sphere of Silence is a key item in the Dragon Quest IV, wherein it was created by Mahabala through alchemy. When used as an item in battle, it prevents the enemy party from using magic, presumably by restricting their ability to speak and thus voice the correct incantations for spells; however, it does not work on most bosses.


Dragon Quest IV

Maya and Meena Mahabala first discover it in Gupta Gupha during Chapter 4, where it proves necessary to defeat Balzack. However, they lose possession of it after being defeated by Marquis de Léon.

In Chapter 5, after confronting and defeating the green knight Sir Roseguardin, the party regains the Sphere of Silence.


There are several ways to miss getting the item in Chapter 5 completely:

  • Defeating Estark before encountering Sir Roseguardin will result in him not appearing in the Rosehill Tower where he would have been earlier.
  • During the battle, Sir Roseguardin will summon a Chillanodon. If he is defeated before Chillanodon, then The Hero will not obtain the Ball.

Dragon Quest VII

The Sphere of Silence is given as a reward for the completion of the DLC Tablet Palace of the Perished upon defeating Skeleton swordsman.

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