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Spooky Aura is an ability in the Dragon Quest game series. It typically reduces an enemy's resistance to magic, among other adverse affects.



Spooky Aura is learned by several monster companions such as the rotten apple. It will lower a target's resistance to hindering spells, such as sap. An enemy's resistance to the skill is shared with Whack.

Name Level
Hades helm--
Rotten apple--


Spooky Aura is learned by advancing to rank 5 of the Luminary vocation. It reduces an enemy's resistance to magical ailments as well as spell damage. Again, it's resistance parameter is shared with the Whack line of spells.



This ability is learned with 26 skill points allocated into Spellcraft skill. It reduces a foe's resistance to magic (damage and ailments) by 25% when first cast, and once more when cast again. The ability has it's own resistance percentage now, separate from any instant-death spells.

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