Staff of divine wrath
DQVIII - Staff of divine wrath
Japanese name てんばつのつえ
Rōmaji Ten batsu no tsue
Introduced in IV

The Staff of Divine Wrath is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest game series franchise.


Dragon Quest IV

Staff of Divine Wrath ATK + 35. Can be used in battle to cast Swoosh.

Can be equiped by: Kiryl & Meena

The staff is rewarded by Minikin after the party collects 30 mini medals.

Dragon Quest V

Attack of: +35 Wielded by: Bianca, Nera, Daughter, some monsters. Use in Battle: casts Whoosh (minor attack spell) one one group of enemies. Can be sold to a shop for 2150 gold.

Dragon Quest VII

Attack of +35, Style of +20. Casts Whoosh on use in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest IX


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