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is a bonus party member available in the remakes of Dragon Quest V. He joins the party after the player completes the bonus T'N'T board successfully, which is only available after defeating Estark. Starkers is revealed to be the son of Estark, and he is easily one of the most powerful party members in the game.
Stats Initial Level: 1 Max Level: 99
Max HP 999
Max MP 999
Max Strength 255
Max Agility 255
Max Resilience 255
Max Wisdom 255
Max Luck 255
Ability Level
Kafrizzle 1
Meditation 5
Disruptive Wave 10
Holy Protection 15
Scorch 20
Starkers Storm 30
Zoom 40
Kaboom 45
C-C-Cold Breath 55
Starkers Slash 65

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