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Strength Ring  Strength ring  (PS, PS2, DS)
Attack +8 (IV) +4 (VIII) +4 (IX)
Buy Price  G
Sell Price 375 G
Flavor text A band that bolsters brawn when worn.
Notes Given to the hero in Quest #019 to help complete it.

The Strength Ring is a recurring accessory in the Dragon Quest game series series.


Dragon Quest IV

The Strength Ring is an accessory that increases strength by 8.

Dragon Quest VIII

The Strength Ring gives a boost of 4 to the Strength skill.

Dragon Quest IX

The Strength Ring is an accessory that increases Strength by 4, as in Dragon Quest VIII. It can be made from Aggressence x1 + Gold Ring x1. In Stornway, upon acquiescing to Quest #019: Moving House, the old man will give <the hero> a Strength Ring.

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