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DQIX - Corvus - Second Forme
Dragon Quest VII
Japanese name スイフー
Rōmaji Suifu
Gender Male
Race(s) Ogre (originally)/Human (3DS)
Age Unknown

I feel like I should explain something. That beating I gave you had a purpose. It's important to make an example of someone from time to time and show the folks here I haven't gone soft. If I don't flex my muscles once in a while, there'd be no end of idiots arguing with me about this and that.

--Strom after he beats you. (3DS version)

Strom (formerly Suifu) is a character in the Dharma region in Dragon Quest VII. He controls all of Pilgrim’s Perdition.





Main Games


Other languages

Other languages
French Igor
Spanish Gog
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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