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Japanese name やみのドラゴン
Rōmaji Yami no doragon
Family Dragon
Introduced in VII

Sulkk (formerly DarkDraco) is a boss in the game Dragon Quest VII.


Sulkk is the cause of the darkness over Nottagen. Ironically, because of the darkness, the Malign Vine and its assault on the town was halted due the Malign Vine's need for photosynthesis. The dragon has little intelligence and is feral without monsters to control it.


Sulkk hits with breath attacks so spells like Magic Barrier, skills like Wool Guard and armor that protects against elemental damage, ice in particular as it hits harder, is a must. The Warrior's Dragon Slash is invaluable against Sulkk. If party members are hurting, use the Bless Staff to heal their wounds as it acts like Midheal in battle.

Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
HP 1350
Experience 1330
Gold 950
Skills Scorching
Ice Air
Family Dragon
Haunts Loomin

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