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Summoner is an advanced vocation class in VII.


The Summoner's magical power is unparalleled by any human. The forces of nature bow to their every whim. The Summoner can cast spells for less MP. As their level tier increases, the cost of spells decreases. In order to become a Summoner, one must master both the Sage and Teen Idol classes.



Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 250
Strength -10 Percent
Agility +15 Percent
Guard +5 Percent
Intelligence +20 Percent
Appearance Null
Max HP -10 Percent
Max MP +20 Percent
Mastery Bonus +30 Bonus to MP


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Theurgist Meditate 1 Self Heals ~500 to the caster 0
2 Conjuror Defeat Max 30 All Enemies Has a low chance of instantly killing all enemies 15
3 Geomancer Magma 60 All Enemies Causes ~80HP in flame damage 0
4 Elemental Tremor 90 All Enemies Has a low chance of instantly killing all enemies 15
5 Maelstrom Hell Flame 120 All Enemies Causes ~210 HP in fire damage 20
6 Tempest DeMagic 150 All Enemies Removes all positive statuses from all enemies 0
7 Fury Hell Blast 200 All Enemies Causes ~270 HP in electric damage 25
8 Ragnarok Summoner 250 Self Summons one of the four great deities to fight for your side 20


  • Theurgy is the practice of rituals used to call upon the aid of one or more gods. One who practices theurgy is called a therugist.
  • Ragnarok comes from Norse mythology. It is the time of a great battle between gods and monsters which will herald the end of the gods themselves and the end of the world itself.
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