Swag bagger
DQVII - Darksanta
Japanese name ブラックサンタ
Rōmaji Burakkusanta
Family Humanoid
Introduced in Dragon Quest VII
#233 - DarkSanta
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 350
Attack 190
Defense 90
Agility 107
Experience 200
Gold 125
Dropped Item Dark Clothes
Skills ThiefHit
Family Humanoid

Swag bagger (also known as DarkSanta) is a monster in Dragon Quest VII.

Monster Meadows Quotes

Alright? You 'aven't seen anyone drop anyfink interestin', 'ave you?

Y'know, some numpty asked me the other day if I 'ad presents in me bag! I told 'im to jog on!

Wot's that? Yer askin' me wot's in the bag? Never you mind!

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