Zenithian sword

Swords are recurring type of weapon, appearing in every installment of the Dragon Quest franchise. This weapon is favored by heroes, warriors, gladiators, armamentalists, etc., and is favored by many enemies such as the legendary Estark.

Since swords are often associated with legendary heroes, there are many notable swords in the series such as Erdrick's sword, Zenithian sword, Falcon blade, and the Hypernova sword.


Dragon Quest

The hero can equip some swords found in Alefgard; the strongest weapon is the ancestral blade.

List of Swords:

Dragon Quest II

Both the Prince of Midenhall and the Prince of Cannock can equip swords, though the former has a larger selection to choose from.

List of Swords:

Dragon Quest III

The hero, soldiers, and merchants can use various swords. Clerics and Sages can use some swords as well, but not as many as other classes.

List of Swords:

Dragon Quest IV

The the hero, Ragnar, Torneko, Kiryl, Meena, and Psaro can use various swords. However Kiryl and Meena are much more restricted.

List of Swords:

Dragon Quest V

The the hero, his son, Debora, Sancho, Tuppence, and numerous monster companions such as Slime Knights can use various swords. Compared to previous games though, the selection is spread out, and some blades can only be used by certain monster companions.

List of Swords:

Dragon Quest VI

The Hero, Carver, Amos, Terry, and various monsters can use swords.

List of Swords:

Dragon Quest VII

The Hero, Kiefer, and Aira can use various swords. Melvin can use swords as well, but is more restricted.

List of Swords:

Dragon Quest VIII

Both the hero and Angelo can wield swords. While there is some overlap, there are some slight differences in their skill sets, and some swords are restricted to either the Hero or Angelo. The hero (and later Jessica) mostly use broadswords and longswords, while Angelo uses rapiers.

Once Jessica raises her knife skill to 30 points, she can start equipping swords as well.

List of Swords:

Dragon Quest IX

Swords can be used by the warrior, thief, minstrel, gladiator, and armamentalist vocations. However, once a character fully masters the Sword skill, they can freely use swords with any vocation.

All swords will deal 10% more damage to monsters in the Dragon family. This damage does not stack with the Dragon Slash skill

Dragon Quest Swords

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