Learning to read

I've noticed that, as a child, the Hero could barely read yet after the first time-shift the hero somehow can read anything at all. I find this weird because the the first time-shift was the time the Hero spent as a slave and I doubt they taught the slaves to read. Hear are the theories I've come up with: The Hero taught himself to read, another slave (maybe Maria?) taught the Hero to read, it was a flaw Square Enix overlooked, it was a flaw Square Enix hoped the fans would overlook? I know this doesn't have much to do with the artificial but I was just curios. If anyone knows the answer or has any other theories feel free to add on --Samanthad10

Is the hero's age wrong?

The page says that the hero is 16 after the first time-shift and 24 after the second one but whilst playing the game I realized this: straight after the hero's wife is kidnapped Sancho says (and i quote) "Ees the esame like eet happened twenty years ago." doesn't that make the hero 20 when the children are born and 28 after the second time-shift? The 4 years could be explained by the fact that the hero travels around quite a lot and it would take years to make the journey that the hero did (ships in the past travel quite slowly not to mention all that distance the hero had to walk). I was hoping to have someone else's agreement before I upload it to the page seeing as everyone likes the 16->24 time-shift --Samanthad10

In Dragon Quest VI the Hero's real world talks during the sequence where you merge with him so this Hero isn't the only one to talk technically.---- Aaronexe


When has he been able to go into the dream world? I do not remember this. FanofRPGs (talk) 15:22, January 8, 2016 (UTC)

I don't think he has. Ellis99 VII & VIII 15:24, January 8, 2016 (UTC)

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