Technicolour tutu
DQIX - Technicolour tutu
Introduced in IX

A Technicolour tutu can be made in alchemy using a Tint-Tastic Tutu and a Technicolour Dreamcloth.

A Tint-Tastic Tutu can be bought from the post game armour shop in Stornway for 24400 and Technicolour Dreamcloth can be made in alchemy using 3 x Grubby Bandage, a Celestial Skein, and a Brighten Rock.

A Technicolour Tutu can be worn by a party member, however, only if they are a Female Luminary.

A Technicolour Tutu is required for Quest #146 - "Hail to the Queen" along with a Butterfly wing, a Sleeping Hibiscus and a Mythril Ore

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