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Tedanki (Theddon in the iOS/Android versions) is a ravaged village in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. It is the closest village to the Castle of Baramos. The village was destroyed by the archfiend Baramos at some time prior to the hero's quest in Dragon Quest III. However, the residents of the village appear as apparitions when the village is visited at night.

Notable items

The Lamp of Darkness is located in a chest in the upstairs of the weapon shop in the village. This item is a hint at the appearance of the villagers only at night, as the lamp brings the onset of night when used. The village also contains a prisoner who has the Green Orb, but requires the Final Key in order to speak to him. During the day, a hint is written near where the prisoner stands at night which tells the hero that the prisoner has possession of the orb.

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