Dragon Quest VI
DQVIDS - Terry
Japanese name テリー
Rōmaji Terii
Gender Male
Title(s) Swordsman in Blue/Starry Night Champion
Class Gladiator
Race(s) Human
Age 17
Family Milly (sister)

Terry is a character in VI. He appears as a cold but charismatic swordsman who yearns for the most powerful sword and is quick to eliminate any obstacle that crosses his path.


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Main Games


Terry is a talented swordsman, traveling the world to find more powerful weapons and to prove his strength. He is first met by the hero in the town of Arcbolt setting out to defeat the Battle Rex terrorizing the cave north of town. Terry is able to reach the monster first and defeat it in battle. Next he is met in the Ice Cave where the Sword of Ramias is found. Terry decides to leave the sword for the hero though, since it is all rusty. Finally Terry must be defeated in battle before the Zenithian Castle can reappear in the Dream World. Once Durran, the boss imprisoning Zenithia is defeated, Terry will join the hero's party.

Terry initially goes on his quest to become more powerful, because he was unable to protect his older sister, Milly, while growing up in Gandino. She was taken away when they were younger which prompted Terry to pursue his quest. Somewhere along the way, he lost sight of his true goal, and doesn't even recognize Milly as a member of the hero's party. Once Terry is defeated, he and Milly are reunited and reconcile.


Side Games


As a young child, Milly was taken by Warubou to the Kingdom of GreatLog. A few moments later, Watabou appeared and invited Terry to the Kingdom of GreatTree. Terry's sole goal was to find his sister, but after visiting the King of GreatTree, he was told that in order to save Milly, and keep with the King's task, he was to win the Starry Night Tournament, which is said to grant the wish of the champion. Terry set off to recruit monsters in order to win.

Upon clearing the many gates, and solving the Kingdom's problems, he enters the tournament and wins his way to the battle against the champion of GreatLog. Unbeknownst to him, and perhaps the entirety of GreatTree, the Champion is revealed to be his sister Milly. After winning the tournament, the two siblings are reunited.

The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below


Dragon Quest: Land of Illusion

Main article: Terry (Land of Illusion)



Terry joins the party at level 28, as a Gladiator, and has already mastered the required classes. He is equipped with the Sunderbolt Blade, Dragon Shield and Armor, and a Platinum Helm.

Voice actors


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