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DQIX - Corvus - Second Forme
Dragon Quest IV
Japanese name ネネ
Rōmaji Nene
Gender Female
Title(s) Unknown
Race(s) Human
Age Unknown
Family Torneko Taloon (husband)
Tipper (son)

Tessie (formerly Neta), Torneko's wife, is a character from Dragon Quest IV.

She is a very loving wife and extremely tolerant of Torneko's wanderlust and constant forays far from home. At the beginning of Chapter 3, Tessie lives with her family in Lakanaba as Torneko tries to earn enough money to move them to bigger and better things, taking care of their son when he's away and dutifully making a packed lunch for him each day if he manages to make it home.

When Torneko finally does open his own store towards the end of the Chapter, it's Tessie who takes over its operation. She is able to sell products her husband delivers to her for 1.5 times their regular sale price, showing impressive business skills. In Chapter 5 she runs a Vault and Bank.

In the remake, her son's name is Tipper (Japanese: ポポロ (Poporo)) [Paulo in Torneko: The Last Hope].

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