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Dragon Quest IX Dungeon
The Plumbed Depths
The Plumbed Depth - B2b
In game map of
Japanese name グビアナ地下水道
Rōmaji Gubiana Aqueduct

The Plumbed Depths is a dungeon in Dragon Quest IX. It is located in the waterways beneath the Mirage Mahal castle in Gleeba.

   FyggIcon    This is where a Fygg can be collected

Monsters in the Area

Dragon Quest IX (DS)  
Enemy Gold Exp Drop Item
#098 Mummy 96 G 455 Item icon Grubby bandage
Item icon Malicite
#099 Admirer 168 G 440 Item icon Lava lump
#100 Lesionnaire 100 G 410 Accessory Gold rosary
Bodywear Iron cuirass
#101 Diethon 110 G 432 Item icon Snakeskin
Item icon Wing of bat
#102 Purrestidigitator 126 G 423 Item icon Kitty litter
Staff Stolo's staff
#103 Manguini 126 G 477 Item iconWing of bat
Item icon Terrible tattoo
#111 Ghoul 124 G 760 Item icon Manky mud
Item icon Tough guy tattoo

Boss Monster

#265 - Grand Lizzier
Dragon Family
IX - Grand Lizzier sprite
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
1276 40 200 158 85
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Dragon scale (100%)
6200 1750 G
Description: They fygg-altered form of the Queen of Gleeba's little lizard pal, who turn out held a torch for his mistress all along. He thought that eating a fygg would turn him into a mortal, but it only moved him up a short rung on the evolutionary ladder.

Attributes Resistance
Fire Ice Wind Earth Light Dark Blast Illusion Sleep Death Drain MP Confusion Silent Petrify Paralyze Poison Attract Attack ↓ Defense ↓ Agility ↓ Magic Res ↓
100 125 50 50 150 150 50 0 0 0 100 0 0 25 0 0 10 0 25 50 75


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