Dragon Quest Heroes II
DQHIITKEP - Theresia
Japanese name Unknown
Rōmaji Terisia
Gender Female
Class Unknown
Age Unknown
Family Lazarel (cousin)

Theresa (テレシア, Teresia), along with Lazarel, is one of the two main characters in Dragon Quest Heroes II.


She wears her light pink hair in a high ponytail with a black bow and she has red eyes. Her outfit consists of a cream-colored sleeveless tunic with a skirt, dark pink sleeves and stockings, leather gloves and platform-heeled leather boots, and a magenta scarf around her neck. By default, she is a Warrior and she wields a sword and shield, but her fighting style will depend on her class and the weapon she has equipped.

Much like Aurora before her, Teresa's ponytail becomes undone and her hair flows freely when she is in High Tension mode.


Teresa is a military cadet with a level head and a cautious attitude, especially compared to her cousin, making her known as the "Scholarly Squire". 



Side Games

Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End
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Voice actresses

Emi Takei (Japanese)