Dq7 thunder sword

Illustration of the Thunder Sword from Dragon Quest VII.

The Thunder Sword is a powerful weapon appearing in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest II

The Thunder Sword first appeared in Dragon Quest II where it was found in the Cave to Rhone and served as the Hero's most powerful weapon. In addition to melee attacks, the sword could be used during combat as an item which would have the effect of casting Woosh.

Dragon Quest III

In Dragon Quest III the Thunder Sword is a powerful weapon that could be found in the Cave of Necrogond. It was usable by the Hero and Soldiers. When used as an item, it casts boom.

Dragon Quest VI

The party goes on a quest to defeat a monster so that they may receive the weapon, which is called the Sunderbolt Blade in this. However, before they can do so, Terry defeats the monster and obtains it first. When Terry joins after Dhuran is defeated, he will be wielding this blade by default. When used as an item, it casts Zap, and it can be upgraded in the Fashion Forge.

Dragon Quest VII

In Dragon Quest VII when the sword was used in combat as a weapon it would cast Lightning.


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