Tinpot Dictator
Dragon Quest VII
DQVII3DS - Tinpot Dictator
Japanese name マシンマスター
Rōmaji Mashinmasutā
Gender Male
Race(s) Necromacer
Age Unknown

Tinpot Dictator (formerly Machinoid) is a boss in the game Dragon Quest VII.


Tinpot Dictator is humanoid in appearance. He is wrapped in chain mail and has a bucket-like helmet. He wields a flail in battle.


The Tinpot Dictator was sent by the Demon Lord to Faraday with an army of automatons to conquer and eradicate the populace. Before the party arrives, his army is overwhelming the Faradain army to the point where the king must hire mercenaries to stave off the invasion. Because of the Tinpot Dictator's invasion, the country is demoralized.

However, the tide turns for the Faradains when the party obtain an automaton. Autonymus is able to reprogram this automaton. Now named E.L.L.I.E., the robot can broadcast a signal to disrupt the orders given to them by the Tinpot Dictator. This allows the party to enter the automatons' Base.

The party meets the Tinpot Dictator who orders a group of automatons to attack them. However, the signal broadcast from E.L.L.I.E. disrupts the command given to them by the Tinpot Dictator and, in turn, causes them to go berserk and attack themselves. Frustrated by this failure, the Tinpot Dictator is forced to kill the party themselves. The party defeats the Tinpot Dictator who, with his last breath, summons the Slaughtomaton to kill them and the entire continent.


Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
HP 250
Experience 180
Gold 70
Skills Summon (ClockMech), Furious Swing

The Tinpot Dictator can also summon automatons in battle. The player should ignore that and concentrate on the Tinpot Dictator. Maribel should use Sap twice to remove its defense. If she has learned Heal as well, she should be designated healer. Kiefer should be using Flame Slash and if he has learned Focus Strength, he should use that in conjunction with Flame Slash. The Hero and Ruff should use physical attacks. After the Tinpot Dictator is defeated, defeat all the other automatons to win the battle. Make sure to save some herbs and MP for the next fight because the party fights Slaughtomaton after their victory.

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