Tombola is a mini-game featured in several Dragon Quest games. It is similar to the Lottery and requires a Tombola ticket in order to play. The game consists of a spinning wheel which yields various colored marbles. Depending on the color of marble which is released, the player wins a specific prize. Earning a good prize typically requires many attempts. Tickets are given randomly by shop keepers in Lodestar Harbor when purchases are made. Tickets can also be found in various places during the game.

Contrary to popular belief, only one item (i.e. a Medicinal Herb at the Item Shop) needs to be purchased at a time to have a chance of getting a ticket. Higher-value items and multiple items at once do not affect the chance of getting a ticket.

Dragon Quest II

3 Sun Symbols: Loyalty card
3 Star Symbols: Prayer ring
3 Moon Symbols: Wizard's staff
3 Water Symbols: Banishing bell
3 Heart Symbols: Medicinal herb
2 out of 3 matched symbols: Tombola ticket
1 out of 3 matched symbols: Nothing

Dragon Quest V

Gold Ball: Loyalty card
Silver Ball: Prayer ring
Red Ball: Paxa punch
Blue Ball: Rockbomb shard
Green Ball: T'nT ticket
White Ball: Tombola ticket
Black Ball: Nothing

Dragon Quest VII 3DS

Gold Ball: Extra elevating shoes
Silver Ball: Bumper bonus ball
Red Ball: Bonus ball
Blue Ball: Elfin elixir
Green Ball: Shiny bauble
White Ball: Tombola ticket
Black Ball: Nothing

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors

Tombola is played at the item shop at Castle Avalonia. Using the Wii remote, the player must spin the controller in a circular motion quickly to have a chance at winning the top prizes.

Prize Rank Item
Grand Prize Loyalty card/Liquid Metal Shield
First Prize Gold bar
Second Prize Uber ruby of protection/ruby of protection/ruby of protection +1
Third Prize phial of magic water
Fourth Prize Replenishield powder
Fifth Prize Strong medicine
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