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The torch is an item in Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest V.


Dragon Quest

The torch is an item that can be purchased in stores, and there is one free torch in a chest in the King's chamber at the start of the game.

It can be used in dungeons to light them up. It only lights up the adjacent tile to the player but its light lasts indefinitely until the player exits the dungeon.

Dragon Quest V

The torch is a plot item that lights up a dark floor in Uptaten Towers.

Dragon Quest VIII

Though torches are not used in the game as items, they are shown to be held by the characters while in a cavern during gameplay or cutscenes.

Captain N: The Game Master

Princess Lana uses a torch for herself, along with Kevin Keene/Captain and Duke to make it through the Cave of The Axe knight.

Shop information

Dragon Quest (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Torch 8 G Lights up the radius around the hero when in darkness.

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