Dragon Quest IV
DQIVDS - Torneko Taloon
Japanese name トルネコ
Rōmaji Toruneko
Gender Male
Class Arms Merchant
Race(s) Human
Age 40s
Family Tessie (wife)
Tippy (son)

Torneko is a character in IV.


Torneko wears a loose muumuu, chosen for comfort and practicality over fashionability. He hefts a giant backpack of sorts at all times, which he uses to hold his wares, personal belongings and, presumably, some of the party's items. He has a mustache and huge belly, both of which help to bring out his general jolliness. He has blue hair and a blue mustache.


He is initially compelled to leave his quiet home due to an unquenchable wanderlust; his wife, Tessie is very understanding and promises to look after their home and child while Taloon runs off in search of wealth and adventure.

Although much of his time and effort goes toward earning gold coins, he doesn't do this out of greed, but to make his wife happy and for altruistic endeavors. Overall, he is a very kind person.



Main Games


Torneko wakes up in Chapter 3 in his house in Lakanaba to work his job at the local weapons shop. However he feels that this life is not good enough for him so he sets on a journey to fulfill his dream which is to own a shop. After hearing about a Strongbox in a cave up north which allows you to travel anywhere without worrying about falling because it keeps all of your Gold when you fall instead of taking half. Torneko ended up getting the strongbox and headed south to Ballymoral.


In Dragon Quest VIII, in the Monster Arena Rank S series of fights, the first fight is fought against a character that is named Torneko Taloon and bares a striking resemblance to him. The announcer reinforces this by saying the character is from Lakanaba. He uses treasure based monsters; a Goodybag, a Mimic and a Mimic king. His team is called "Taloon's Treasures".


He also makes another cameo in Dragon Quest IX. If the Hero completes Torneko's costume, he/she gets the accolade "Quare Feen."


Side Games

Itadaki Street

Along with Ryan, Cristo, and Alena, Torneko appears as a playable characters in Itadaki Street Special.

Mystery Dungeon Series

Torneko has appeared as the main character in three of the Mystery Dungeon games usually with his wife and son as secondary characters: Torneko no Daibōken: Fushigi no Dungeon, Torneko: The Last Hope, and Dragon Quest Characters: Torneko no Daibōken 3.


In the Dragon Quest III class system, Taloon has elements of both a merchant and a goof-off. As a merchant, he can protect the party's gold when they go down, and use his appraise ability to give basic information and loss/return estimates on items in the party's possession. However, he also has the goof-off's tendency to not follow orders in battle, bellowing loudly, staring blankly into space, or telling naff gags when ordered to attack. He can equip most weapons and armour, and has respectable HP and level growth, and is otherwise a decent fighter; however, his Defence leaves something to be desired.


Dragon Quest IV (PSX/DS) 
Spell Level Learned
Padfoot 4
Eye for Distance 7
Nose for Treasure 9
Whistle 12


In the DS remake of Dragon Quest IV, Taloon's given name is Torneko, his Japanese name. In fact, his last name is Taloon, similar to how Ryan became "Ragnar McRyan."

Voice actors

Chafurin (Japanese) - Twins Kings and Ending of the Prophecy


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