Tortured soul
DQVIII - Tortured soul
Japanese name なげきの亡霊
Rōmaji Nageki no bōrei
Family Zombie
Introduced in VIII

The Tortured soul is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.



Dragon Quest VIII

In Dragon Quest VIII, the Tortured Soul is the cursed spirit of the last abbot of the Ruined Abbey, who, along with everyone else in the abbey, was killed by a deadly plague. He is encountered by the Hero's party at the end of the Ruined Abbey, where he angrily asks the Goddess why he has to keep suffering, even in death. He then fights the party in order to make them feel the agony that he had to endure, but is defeated. Afterwards, his suffering finally over, his spirit ascends to the heavens.

Dragon Quest X

# - Tortured soul
Zombie Family
[[File:|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defense Weight
2181 999 393 480 306
Exp Gold Drop Itty-bitty bone
Magma staff recipe
791 16 G
Place Curse
Channel Anger
Calls for back-up (Dark skeleton)
Haunts at:


Living statue + Stark raven = Tortured soul

Joker 2

Joker 2 Professional

Terry's Wonderland 3D

Super Light

Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End

Monster Battle Road Victory

Other languages

Other languages
French Âme en peine
German Gequälte seele
Spanish Unknown
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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