The Tower of Wind is a tower dungeon in Dragon Quest II. It is located in central Torland.


The Tower of Wind is the first tower dungeon visited in Dragon Quest II. It contains the Cloak of Wind which is required to advance further in the game. Somewhat difficult to locate, you must head northeast of Hamlin and circle around the shore, heading south.


Floor 1F - Herb

Floor 2F - Cloak of Wind (Wind Cape)

Floor 3F - ~350G

Floor 8F - Wizard Ring

Cloak of Wind

To find your way to the Cloak of Wind, head south into the central room, and then right. Before you walk right out of the dungeon, head north and take the staircase. Make your way to floor 4F, and take the first staircase you come across. After this, just follow the stairs down to the second floor and claim your prize.


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