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Toxic turnip
Japanese name ポイズンキャロット
Rōmaji Poizunkyarotto
Family Plant
Introduced in VI

The Toxic turnip (formerly Poison Carrot) is a monster who appears in VI.



Dragon Quest VI

#70 - Toxic turnip
Plant Family
[[File:|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
73 0 81 40 57
Exp Gold Drop Antidotal herb
94 33 G
Note: None
Poison Breath
Poison Attack
Haunts at:
Wayfarer's Pass
Aridea area
Isle o' Smiles
Well south of Alltrades Abbey area
Clearvale area (Both Upper and Lower World)
Desert around the Spiegelspire
Sorceria area
Outside the Hut South-east of Alltrades Abbey
Outside the Cloudsgate Shrine
Weaver's Peak area (Lower World)
Mountain Path (Lower World)


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