Trammel Lash is a whip ability in the Dragon Quest game series. It has a 1/8 chance of paralyzing the enemy.



Referred to as Whiplash in its series debut, this skill allows Jessica to paralyze a group of foes. The success of this skill is independent of the enemy's paralysis resistance, save for full immunity . Requires 4 MP to use and 10 skill points to learn.

Once 55 points have been invested into her whip skill, this skill upgrades and is called Lashings of Love. This iteration of the skill is very different from the one demonstrated in the Protectorate. When used by Miss Albert, it deals an extra 30% more damage and has a higher success rate.


This ability is learned with 22 skill points allocated into Whip skill. Functionally, it is the same as before with only the skill animation changing.

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