Japanese name そらのトーガ
Rōmaji Sora no tōga
Introduced in IX

The tropotoga is a rare and powerful piece of clothing in Dragon Quest IX. It is the first in a line of Mediterranean-themed togas and the initial form of the exotoga, the most protective piece of clothing in the game.


Tropotoga  (DS)
Defence +61
Rarity ★★★★☆
Equipment Class Clothing
Equipable by PriestMartial ArtistThiefMinstrelRangerSageLuminary
Buy Price N/a
Sell Price 15,000
Flavor text A reassuring wrap that repels fire, ice, poison, sleep, and paralysis.
Notes Reduces damage taken from fire and ice attacks by 20%.

Increases resistance against poison, sleep, and paralysis by 20%.
2% chance of being dropped by Atlas.
Recipe: Mesotoga + Reset stone
Upgrades into Stratotoga.


  • Tropotoga is named after the troposphere, which is the lowest region of the Earth's atmosphere. It and the rest of the togas in its line are named after the various portions of the Earth's atmosphere.