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    Many months had passed for Dora, Chester, Bob and Chris, and an endless parade of dank caves, forbidding ruins and such blurred in their memories.  

    Now, they slowly walked towards a staircase, while around them, a suffocating silence swept the entire cave.

    Chester glanced around and whispered "Why are all of the monsters so silent?"

    Bob grinned and said "Because they fear our awesomeness."

    Dora rolled her eyes and said "You never quit, do you?"

    Chris whispered to Chester "He does this when he's nervous."

    Bob snapped "I heard that!  I am not nervous," as his small sword slipped from his fingers.  He knelt to pick it up and added "Must be all the moisture in the cave."

    Dora chuckled and said "Well, let's go."

    They all descended the staircase.  As t…

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  • Bluemist9999

    Dora, Chris, Bob and Chester crept slowly down the damp hall, treading lightly through the water.  The cave was brightly lit, but the constant twists and turns kept them from seeing very far ahead.

    Bob turned to Chris and said "I'm getting restless here.  We haven't seen much."

    Just then, a large shiny grey blob rolled around the corridor.  It grinned confidently and wore a crown.

    Chris stared in shock and said "My God, it's---"

    Dora put her hand on Chris's mouth and said "Ssssh.  They scare easily."

    Bob drew his sword and raced toward the large blob.

    Chester sighed and said "So much for a surprise attack."  He drew his wand and marched forward.

    Dora shrugged and took her spear out.

    Bob sliced boldly with his sword, but watched it bounce off.  He …

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    Crisis of Faith

    October 1, 2013 by Bluemist9999

    (This is based on my current party --- a Level 70 (1 revocation) Gladiator - Main charcter named Chris, a Level 72 (1 revocation from Gladiator) Martial Artist named Bob, a Level 70 (1 revocation from Priest) Gladiator named Dora, and a Level 78 (1 revocation) Sage named Chester)

    NOTE: This WILL contain some spoilers if you have not finished the main plot!

    I sat down near the slowly crackling fire for warmth, as we crowded close, huddling over some dusty parchment Chester recently received from a castle.  

    "Well, Chester, you've had those for days now.  Do they say anything interesting?"

    He glanced up, shrugged and replied "They mention something about Zenus."

    My ears perked up.  After all, I've been searching for enlightenment from the divine …

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