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  • KamiOfWind

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I asked if I could add a page for every Infamous Monster in DQ8. I was told I could make a list. I was dissatisfied, but didn't try to change it.

    Now here I am, a long time after that. I have a recommendation for how to go about these infamous monsters. No seperate pages will be needed. What I wanna do is: In the Dragon Quest VIII section of every page about a monster with an infamous version(s), we can add the info about said infamous monster(s).

    This would be something like this:

    Untamed name: Pain the the Neck

    Tamed name: Sippy

    Species: Dracky

    ((insert basic stats here))

    Monster team combos: The Drack Pack

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  • KamiOfWind

    But I have made a dragon quest Fanon wiki...

    Link. I am just telling you guys. I really wanna see what my fellow fans would like in the games...

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