aka Marcus Tindal-Wiles

Bureaucrat Loto reincarnation
  • I live in Plymouth, England
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is HTML5.0 enthusiast and website developer
  • I am Male
  • Kingemocut

    Shilling my stream again, it can be found here or by typing in htp://

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  • Kingemocut


    so, currently i'm waiting on the PSN store in europe to update so i can (hopefully) buy DQH. i should have enough money (most new games are £50) but if i do not then i will get enough money on my PSN account. when i do get DQH, however, i will be livestreaming it from my ps4 over on my twitch . 

    EDIT: Aparently it's going up on friday (aka my birthday) so i'll be streaming it on the saturday and sunday then. well ****.

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  • Kingemocut

    i am so sorry

    October 13, 2015 by Kingemocut

    i've had so much to do IRL, that i've left my post as admin for so long. due to this, i would like to say a huge sorry. however, i will be soon 19, or a legal adult in my country for an entire year, so i will be (most likely) staying at home playing the new DQ heros game as much as i can. until then, or rather until i've beaten the entire game's story, 

    below i will list everything i've done (or rather should have done and have not), and why, as well as what i've done outside of the wiki. is most of this excuses? yes. should i give up my position? probly. honestly, i was thinking of giving someone extra admin rights before i left for this looong hiatus. 

    during april through june, i had a hellava lot of college work to do, so most of my time…

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  • Kingemocut

    seriously. due to new US laws, if we edit a wikia, we're breaking the law. the maximum fine is $50,000 and 20 years. do you want to have to worry about that?

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  • Kingemocut

    Hey all, Kingemocut 'ere. being an adult sucks. seriously, it sucks bad. 

    Lemme explain.

    Since september last year, i started a college course. the marking body, being so full of wisom that they are, changed the rules. now, to give them credit, their new changes are good for their perpose, but they do shaft those of us with learning disabilities. last (school) year, i was doing a different course, and i was able to resubmit my work as much as i could, now i can only officially resubmit it twice. and that SUCKS. so, long story short, TIFU (and by today i mean over the last two terms) and i've fell so far behind because of two different assignments that i'm happy i stratigically changed courses for the 4 A Level equivilents, because if i didn't …

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