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A few things about my life right now

Hey, Kingemocut here again! this blog post is about a few things happening right now in my life, as well as a few things i feel might help us out as a collective

So, i've just passed my first A-level; in games development, and in september i'm going to transpher to a Software development course! i wish i could say this means i have more time here, but sadly it doesn't, i've still gotta go to college (due to moneitary reasons....) i've also recently been viewing a lot of code lyoko, and i've finished the entire animated-only side! i'm questioning if i want to watch Evolution, but that's just me wanting to be a nostalgia fan *cough cough*.

Also, i've been viewing Spriters Resource , they have a few useful things about DQ, and i made a gif too For Teh Lulz. the gif is this one here: Shakebox

i'm also wondering what happened to that fan character section, soo... :P. 

Anyway, that's all i can think right now, best luck for the rest of ya'll, and happy editing fellow DQW Users!

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