recently i got a message from The Neptunia wikia founder requesting an affiliation. i have since replied and said i'll have to ask you gueys about it. now, this could mean a few things.

1) More editors!

we could get some more editors to help out with our lacking pages, and some of our editors could end up possibly doing the same.

2) Free advertising!

This goes hand in hand with the more editors note, but we could help expand our helping viewership, meaning we'll be helping out more people.




Profit! (notrly, unless you count the extra users as a profit :P)

Anyway, here's da poll. At the end of the poll, the results were

3 yes

0 no

0 maybe

1 other (sorry Ellis99 )

so, it looks like we're gonna affiliate. next up, the pokemon wikia on another blog post :P

anyway, this is Kingemocut, Remember... Stay Cool!

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